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What really determines the quality of your workouts?

What really determines the quality of your workouts?

The health and fitness industry is very very good at marketing. This is how it sells things to you;

Step 1. Highlight an insecurity (weight, tone, performance, friendship), anything that might sit like a stone in your shoe that constantly digs into your heel until you are forced to do something about it. 

Step 2. Tell you why you haven’t succeeded in the past. Look out for these openers.

“The one workout that backed by science….”
“This is the diet the pharmaceutical industry didn’t want you to know about…”
“Our unique system guarantees…”

Step 3. Create urgency, scarcity or social proof (before and afters)

“Join this week and pay no sign up fee!”

“You too can lose 5kg in just 1week”

“Only 5 spots left for our next challenge!”
These types of sales are especially true for the diet industry which by the way has a 95% FAILURE rate and still turns a massive profit each year.

When it comes to workouts and fitness, things are a little bit different. It’s not that they all fail, it’s that they ALL WORK. Imagine if the marketing was honest and read like this;

“People of the world! Did you know that you can achieve all your fitness needs by choosing any form of activity as long as you can commit to doing it most days of the week?” 

You can literally do anything and you will get a result. Want to put on muscle mass? You can get the same result from lifting heavy as you do from lifting light, want to get better at cardio? You can get results from slow jogs or from repeat sprints. Want to lose weight? Do anything for 1-2hrs a day with a balanced diet and you are guaranteed an outcome. 

The real question is, what activity will keep you coming back for more? What is the activity that will make you jump out of bed in the morning or motivate you to pack your trainers in a bag to take to work so you can squeeze something in on your way home?

True physical health comes from small habits done often. If you want motivation, don’t look at the people who have lost 30kg in 6months, look at the people who then kept it off for the next 5yrs. If you want motivation look at the people who’s habits never seem to change, how do they approach their lifestyle? I guarantee one thing they will all have in common. They enjoy what they do. 

The way I balance my weekly physical activity routine is to include 3 things;

  1. Something heavy (weights of some kind)
  2. Something long (over an hour)
  3. Something fun (outdoors, social or game based)

Feel free to hit me up on instagram @eptim with questions or to tell me what you’re trying!

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