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Take your next weekend outdoors!

Take your next weekend outdoors!

I realise the irony of writing this from Australia. We have just hit winter and it’s spectacular 26degree day. However, I do appreciate the summer that the UK has to offer. As a tourist, perhaps even more so than some of the locals. In London I am constantly on the search for things to do and see and you have so many things on your doorstep. Timeout recently published this video of the 10 best parks in the city https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yefrUJ2jRzE#action=share

Not only do you get to enjoy the scenery and socialise in some amazing locations but the health benefits of a day outdoors are remarkable. 

More and more research is supporting the mental health benefits of time in nature. Feeling stressed or sad? I guarantee the sun on your face, breeze in your hair or grass under your feet will take you miles away from those problems. The Japanese even have a name for it, Shinrin Yoku or, forest bathing. 

There are some brilliant times to be had in your local parks. Did you happen to catch the Oblique team’s latest visit to Zip Now London?

Because London doesn’t have as much space as Australia the investment in quality facilities, recreation and events is second to none. Here are some ideas for you to try this weekend for cheap healthy fun in the park.

  1. Find a group for some social sport – reach out to the Oblique team to get a crew together to kick a football around or play some touch. Pack a cooler with some beers and I might even fly over to join you.
  2. Park and walk. – Google your nearest park or heath and pack a lunch. Make the aim of the day to walk for a solid couple of hours with lunch being the halfway point. 
  3. Discover – Make it a mission to go somewhere outdoors that you’ve never been before. See if you can explore your own city in a way that surprises you. 


Whatever your options may be, don’t let your winter blues hang around. Get some mates together and find a way to find some greenery and some sunshine. 

Worst case scenario you just end up back at the pub. 

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