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Health is one of the only constants in life. Regardless of what state it is in, you will always have some form of health. This means everyday is an opportunity to treat yourself with compassion and kindness by engaging in healthy behaviours. We know how hard life can be at times which is why we believe that the power to act on your health is one of the most impactful forces we have.
Health is often thought of as simply our physical state or the absence of disease. Health is much more. When we are stressed, do we not feel more pain? When our body is compromised does our mood become more sombre? If our mental or physical health changes does this impact the way we interact with our friends, family and occupation?
This is known as the bio-psycho-social model of health and this forms the tenets of all our interactions with our clients. We understand that your health and your life are bigger than any one physical trait or ailment. Good health for us includes the capacity to act with optimal agency across all aspects of life. For this reason our health and fitness programs will go beyond the superficial layers, they are a collaborative effort between client and practitioner to achieve exceptional outcomes.
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