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Finding the 90%

The majority of good health and happiness is achieved through simple things done often. We get caught up in trying to find the quick fix.


Humans are generally smart. We generally know what’s good for us too. What’s interesting is how seldom we actually do those things. Eat fresh, sleep well, exercise often. Should be easy right? So why isn’t it?

There is a phenomenon called choice paralysis. Simply put it tells us that when we have fewer options to choose from, we are very good at making and acting on decisions. However the more options we add into the mix the harder it becomes to make a call. Especially if the consequence of the choice is quite important.

Think about it this way, you go to Baskin Robbins and there’s flavours all over the place. Imagine you’ve never had ice cream before. The choices would be hectic but eventually you’d say “oh well it’s just ice cream, I can’t really go wrong” and you walk out with cookies and cream. Small consequence. Quicker decision.

Now think about your health. It used to be simple. Eat fresh, exercise, go to bed early. In the age of wellness bloggers, instahealth and Oprah’s guide to healthy living the choices are literally endless! Should I do F45? What about Crossfit? Pilates anyone? Is running bad for my knees? I’ve heard intermittent fasting slows aging, should I brush my teeth with charcoal? What about coffee enemas? Did you know getting less than 6hrs sleep causes dementia?


It’s ridiculous.

What makes it worse is the consequences. This is our health we are talking about. What if we stuff up the decision. Buzzfeed said this was the seven things I need most in my life right now but I can only do 5! Will I die early? Will my butt be saggy?
The choices are actually exhausting. Here’s how to clear the clutter.

90% of good health comes from 4 things.

  1. Eat fresh food
  2. Exercise (literally anything that makes you puff or sweat for more than 30mins)
  3. Sleep (Consistently between 7-9hrs) a little less every now and then is okay
  4. Engage with good friends. Connection and love are critical to health.


Going paleo, eating less gluten, taking supplements, doing HIIT 7 days a week and adding chia seeds to every meal is way to focused on the final 10% of health (and those things aren’t even that effective). Why invest so much energy into so little. Take less effort to get the  90% right then you can fine tune it to what really suits you and change it when you need to.


This tool will show you how to make sure you tick off these 4 things and get rid of the stress about making a lifestyle change.  


Week 1.

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
Did I have veggies with every meal
Did I puff or sweat
Did I get my sleep
Did I laugh with a mate


Just colour in the box at the end of each day if you managed to get the behaviour done. Now we know you won’t be perfect straight away but if you do this 4 weeks in a row. I guarantee you will see a change in your behaviour and not only that you will feel much less stress about your choices.


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