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Cost and quality are not always proportional

Cost and quality are not always proportional

So here in Australia, I reckon we have more gyms, personal trainers, activity groups, per capita than anywhere in the world. I mean, it’s ridiculous but we also have the space and the climate that really suits an active lifestyle. One thing I noticed on my last trip to London was that health and fitness services can cost an absolute fortune. People are paying £10, £20, £30, £40 for one class and sometimes they’re doing it multiple times a week and I  mean, if you’ve got that cash to throw around, that might be a great option but I want people to be aware spending more money doesn’t always mean you’re getting more bang for your buck. There’s plenty of cheaper or even free ways that you can add physical activity and fitness into your lifestyle and sometimes, you definitely going to get a lot more value, but you might find something that really suits you as opposed to a pre-programmed set menu of activities provided by some of the bigger chains.


If you take a step back and think about what some gyms provide, it’s nothing that you couldn’t just look up on youtube and do at home or in a park. What they are actually selling isn’t the workout, it’s the community. If you aren’t familiar with the Harvard Happiness Study you can check it out here (https://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2017/04/over-nearly-80-years-harvard-study-has-been-showing-how-to-live-a-healthy-and-happy-life/)  what these researchers discovered was the most significant factor to health and happiness in life is human connection and relationships. If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting the Oblique Life founders, the Sumaria brothers, you would agree they are some of the happiest lads in town and I know their personal values and the values of the Oblique community tie into the mission of healthier, happier people through meaningful interactions. With their Oblique fit sessions they’ve include fitness and health into those relationships. Gyms tend to try and do it the other way around, they try to include relationships and connection into health and fitness. Let’s be honest though, there’s only so much connecting you can do on a spin bike. The problem with gyms is people initially go there to get fit and they want to be healthier but they end up paying for the status or the social media photo that you get at the end of a workout which to me just seems nuts.

So, what I wanted to do is show you a couple of really excellent ways that you can stay fit and keep active but are relatively, cheap or for free so that you can find some meaningful health and fitness connections without breaking the bank.

So the number one cab off the rank is obviously the oblique fit sessions which the crew host and it’s a fantastic option because they really explore different elements of health and well-being and fitness and understand that everybody is going to appreciate something different and encourage you to explore those elements to find what suits you and also connect with those similar people. They are a fantastic option to get stuck into straightaway and super accessible and you get lots of support and help from the guys.


The second option is actually through the NHS so, if you jump on their website, you’ll be able to find a section about free local activities or low cost activities in your area so, the council will often host or pay providers to provide it might be sport and recreation, it might be hosting games or workouts in other way they provide lots of options especially during for people to be active in their local community because ultimately, the government wants people to use the facility, they want people to get valued from what they’re providing in terms of infrastructure. So, when the council builds a park, they’re going to make sure it’s getting used.


The other option which I’m happy to share for you is the one I’ve created here in Australia with our Queensland Government, is the website called healthier.qld.gov.au and if you go there, you’ll be able to find a bunch of workouts as well as some healthy eating tips and other general health advise but the workouts are all going to be done at home, no equipment necessary, no experience necessary. You can grade yourself from beginner through the intermediate and advanced exercises for strength, balance, cardio and you can really pick, choose and explore things that might work for you if you find that you want to stay at home and do some things inside as oppose to getting out which I know can be a limiting factor in the UK trying to get a hold of some green space or even just some good weather to stay active, can be a challenge.


I guess the takeaway message is that there are free, easy and accessible options for you to stay active as opposed to having to splash out on something that’s on trend that has a good marketing campaign. Health and fitness in my opinion, should be free for everybody. Everybody has the right to pursue their health without having to pay a fortune for it because I think that fosters beliefs that disempowers the community. If we’re putting too high a price on something, it creates the illusion that that we were not good enough to take care of ourselves and need to rely on someone else and I think that’s a really dangerous message so, I’d really like to encourage you all to seek out and explore ways to be active as a part of your local community with your friendship group that might not be necessarily break the bank.


If anybody would like a free workout, please get in touch via email and I can shoot you back a nice equipment-free program that you can have on your phone and can be updated as you need it.

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